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To thrive in the evolving digital sphere, all companies need a website. If customers don’t have a great experience when visiting your site, they will move on to a competitor’s site. Here are five ways to improve your website’s user experience to keep visitors on your site.

1. Ensure Your Site Loads Quickly

Everyone gets frustrated when they reach a website that seems to take forever to load. Forty percent of customers will leave a page if it doesn’t load in at least two seconds.


Here are some tips on how to increase your site’s speed:

  • Choose a high-end website host.
  • Reduce the file size of images and videos.
  • Eliminate pop-ups.


If you don’t want to change the media on your website, consider enabling compression.


2. Consider Your Mobile Site

Many people use their smartphone or tablet to view a company’s website. Most consumers between the ages of 18 and 39 use their smartphones to research purchases.


Websites appear differently on different devices. Some businesses neglect this factor, but bounce rates will increase, and search engine ranking will decrease if a site isn’t adaptive to different screens.


An effective way to ensure your site is accessible and easy to navigate from mobile phones is to build a responsive site. Responsive sites adjust their dimensions to fit on any screen, meaning it will look great and consistent across all types of devices.

3. Choose Easy-to-Read Colors and Fonts

Using specific colors can contribute to brand recognition. However, you shouldn’t use colors that make your website more difficult to read. It’s not only the color of the font that matters but also the background. It’s best to use different colors that make the words stand out instead of muting them.


Furthermore, the font you choose can make the site more or less enjoyable for customers. Many experts recommend a Sans-serif font. It’s best to avoid script fonts.

4. Make Information Easy to Find

Many consumers want to visit your website for a particular reason. Whether they visit it to check the price of products or services or your phone number, ensuring that it is easy for them to find what they need can reduce bounce rates.


Essential information like contact should be easily accessible. Displaying such details across all pages can help in increasing conversions. Contact information is usually placed in the footer of every web page and on the contact us and/or about us page.

5. Ask for Feedback

A great website is constantly improving. However, you don’t know how you can improve unless you ask. Ask customers for feedback from your site’s visitors. You can also host a research study where customers use the site and provide feedback. A professional digital marketing agency will make it a lot easier for you to gain customers’ perspectives.




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